November 9, 2015

Flatlay / How to be a morning person

Photo by me.

I love my mornings! There is just something about getting up way before anyone else, sipping that first coffee and enjoying some quite before the storm. Then kicking off work and get hundreds of things done before noon. 

I know 6 - 12 AM might not be everyone's favorite time of the day, and especially not on a Monday. Being a morning person is something you can learn how to be; all you need is a good will to change our daily habits and couple of tricks to ease the transition - and you can actually start enjoying rising early.

01 // Start off with some positive thoughts about being an early rise. Do not think of is a chore, otherwise you will come up with excuses why not to do it. 

02 // Create your morning rituals. Have something to look forward to when you wake up - making your favorite oatmeal breakfast, doing a workout session or enjoying the cup of coffee/tea while browsing your favorite social media.

03 //  Set a to-do list. And try crossing off as many things as possible before 12 AM. Trust me, after you had your "me" time, any plans/chores will be easier to face.

04 // Get enough sleep. Our bodies need a certain number of hours of sleep per night; and the only way to wake up early without feeling tired and grumpy is to fall asleep earlier. Any bedtime before midnight is good time - you will start noticing huge difference in your metabolism and on your complexion - your skin will look more fresh and radiant.

05 // Create a good bedtime routine. Running a bath, reading a book or burning your favorite candles, as long as it relaxes you and helps you fall asleep earlier. Remember, no work or study at least three hours prior to going to bed - give your brain some time to process all the days information iand slowly shuts itself down to sleep. The same three hour rule applies to food as well.

06 // Choose your alarm sound carefully. Re-setting your inner alarm clock might take some time, so at first, help yourself with an alarm clock or the phone. The loud beeping sounds of most of the alarm clocks can be quite a shock to your body and put you in a very bad mood right as you wake up. Opt for your favorite tune instead!

07 // Move your alarm clock/phone from your nightstand. Place it as far from the bed as possible - once you are forced to get out to turn of your alarm sound you are less likely to crawl back to bed.

08 // Avoid making your room completely closed and dark. Our bodies are sensitive to light and temperature, so not drawing the curtains or just leaving them slightly cracked for the morning light to come in will naturally signal your brain that it is time to wake up.

09 // Hydrate right away. A glass of spring water, fruit infused water or a herbal tea will fight the fatigue and help you re-balance after a full nights sleep.

10 // Never ever skip on breakfast. Ideally, it should be filled with protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber and consumed approximately 30 minutes to one hour after you wake up. Preparing your favorite oatmeal, pancake or avocado and toast can be a morning ritual on its own; and taking the time to eat it will not only feed your body, but your mind and soul too.

And just, keep it up and try not to break the habit. But if you feel like you need a little bit of a break on the weekend it is completely fine.

Have a great start of the week! Maybe you will enjoy getting up early tomorrow -
let me know if you are morning person and what are your favorite morning rituals
in the comment section below!

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