January 12, 2014

Weekend bits

 Photos by me.

Wearing: I admit that I haven't been reaching for statement pieces of jewellery as much as I had before and that a single bracelet or a ring (or a pack of rings) has been a more often choice. However, that might slightly change as I'm seeing so many gorgeous statement pieces not only in stores ( like Zara) but in my own jewellery stash. So for this weekend I'm pulling out this multi-color beaded necklace from New Look  and pairing it with a denim shirt and a sweater. Similar necklaces: here and here.

Reading: The book I'm currently reading is "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I have actually already read it about eight years ago, but since I have just seen the movie I wanted to give it another go. With the movie scenes still very fresh in my mind I'm basically flying through the pages, as picturing Leonardo Di Caprio just makes everything more interesting now. 
Oh, it's the L'Occitane sample I'm using as the page bookmark.

Pampering: Speaking of L'Occitane I'm finally in the hands of one of their most praised body care products and that is the almond shower oil. I pretty much love everything almond and I love the idea of pampering and nourishing feeling this shower oil is supposed to give. I got the travel size (75 ml) as I have a lot of other shower gels and/or oils I need to finish, but I will definitely purchase the full size as I consider it a body care staple, especially in the winter months.

What are your favorite weekend wear, read and body care? Share!