May 23, 2014

Friday wishlist: kimono.

I can surely say I don't have a slightest hippie or boho vibe in me, yet I have this huge affection towards the effortless chic of kimonos. And I guess this spring's trend does steps out of the Coachella music festivals and "flower child" lifestyles, and marks itself as a chic and versatile everyday piece. Being a perfect mix between a shawl and a drop-shoulder cardigan, kimono makes a stylish lightweight layer to wear this spring. With different prints, styles and materials such as silk, crochet and fringes, they can be worn with just about anything - jeans, shorts and dresses. Not to mention it can easily transform into summer style and pull off as a beach cover up as well.

While I'm going through my closet looking for a floral kimono I'm sure I bought couple of years ago, I'm still checking out some new ones that my favorite stores such as Zara and Asos have to offer. And I'm not disappointed - I can see me wearing every single one with some delicate gold accessories, boyfriend jeans and high heels.

Are you throwing on kimonos this spring and summer? Let me know your favorite styles in the comments below!
And if you're thinking about shopping for one, scroll over these for a little inspiration:

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