May 18, 2014


I have always considered Instagram as a creative outlet so I'm thrilled to find talented people who are turning Instagram photos into an art form. And every month I try to make a selection of my favorite accounts in a blog post, hoping you will find them just as following worthy and inspirational like I did for my photos here. Scroll down to see my May picks and don't forget to recommend your favorites too!

@brigadeirochoc -Ok, I admit it. This fashion writer and editor bought me with her adorable macarons photos.
But rest assured her feed as well as her blog has plenty more photos to see and like.

@frenchwords - The perfect account for everyone who would like to learn a new word of this charming language every day;
or for those, like me, who wants to recall the forgotten French vocabulary after years of not using it.

@8ruecaffarelli - We are still in France - in the streets, flower shops and patisseries of Paris actually. This young talented 
photographer brings the prettiest ones to my Instagram feed as she is "exploring the city by bike, taking photos and making 
embarrassing grammatical errors in French".

@elleadorestyle -  Vintage clothes, red lipstick and Chanel Number 5 - this former fashion blogger is now only sharing
her signature pieces on Instagram. I'm sure both those who have been following her style before as well as those of you
discovering her now, would appeal for her to start blogging again.

@vanjaam - One of the most stylish girls out there, with an exquisite sense of style and photography. With a sneak peeks
into the outfits she is wearing on her blog, the perfectly styled food sets (along with the recipes for you to make too)
and the travel diaries to Mykonos, Stockholm and Paris - her account is a must-follow!

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