July 29, 2014

Brand love: Macadamia Natural Oil.

Photos by me.

With my hair being stuck between the two visits to the hairdresser and constantly exposed to the sun and sea salt, there is no other brand I could think of dedicating a post to at the moment. Macadamia Natural Oil offers a line of professional hair care products based on an exclusive pro-oil complex of macadamia and argan - two valuable and natural oils proven to help rejuvenate hair and maintain health and shine. And I can honestly say I see and feel the benefits of both oils; as my hair gets nourished and repaired from inside out, rather than just conditioned from the surface. Today I'm sharing the products I have been using the most lately, all of which I would happily recommend to you in case you are still not familiar with the brand. See their entire range of products here.

Flawless Cleansing Conditioner (get it here). This all-in-one product is the latest addition to my hair care and although I haven't been using it as much as the others, I still think it's a very intriguing and recommendation-worthy. So what is that makes this cleanser so special? Well, it is unique product that claims to cleanse, condition, reduce drying time, detangle, enhance volume and eliminate frizz. It has a creamy mousse consistency that you apply to your wet hair from the scalp to the ends, leave it for a couple of minutes and rinse. You will not be needing any conditioning or detangling products afterwards as your hair will feel smooth, silky and manageable. All in all, I think it is a great solution to alternate my regular shampoo and conditioner every once in a while, and I will definitely try to get a more use from in the future.

Deep Repair Masque (here). If you have dry or damaged hair, or you're just on a look out for a very intensive hair mask then this is the one you'd be reaching for. My hair tends to get very dry because of my highlights so the combination of macadamia, argan, tea tree and aloe oils from this mask bring back the health and the shine. I use it once a week and leave it around seven minutes as recommended, but I have to admit that what I love even more than its long lasting benefits is its - scent. Oh my - so clean, fresh and zesty! It fills up my entire bathroom and lasts on my hair, towel and clothes.

No Tangle Pre-styler (available here). Brushing and detangling wet hair is always such a fuss for both you and your hair, but this moisturizing product does eliminate tangles without breakage or damage. It works perfectly with the Healing Oil Infused Comb (show on the photo above, available here) or, my favorite, No Tangle Brush (here). I haven't been reaching out for it a lot lately, but it is the perfect choice when my hair just gets highlighted.

Healing Oil Treatment (get it here). This little bottle became a staple in my hair care routine, as a few drops applied into my towel dried hair infuse shine and help manageability. While feeling weightless and not looking greasy, just to mention! And since it also includes a natural UV protection it has became a part of my beach bag too - I love applying it to my hair ends as it not only protects and nourishes them while they are being exposed to the sun and the sea, but help them look neat too. But once I finish this bottle, I will be replacing it with a spray version one, as it is more practical and allows the oil to be evenly distributed onto my hair.

Have you tried anything from the Macadamia Natural Oil collection? Like always, I'm looking forward to your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below. And if you liked my picks then you can shop them here:

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