October 2, 2014

Leather weather.

All photos: Pinterest.

What is the first thing that cross your mind when someone says "fall fashion"? Burgundy? Yes. Cozy knitwear? Yes, that too. Leather? Absolutely! Whether faux or real, black leather garments are a perfect alternative to your basic black clothing, and one of these pieces that instantly give a modern and edgy vibe to almost any outfit. While the black leather jacket will always be our favorite go-to piece, each fall brings us some new possibilities on how to wear leather, from tough edge to sophisticated silhouettes, from peplum tops to pencil skirts and everything in between.

But let's get back to the crop leather jacket for a second. It holds a title "the fashion staple" and it is completely justified. Once thought of "biker", now this garment is highly versatile and perfect for fall temperatures. It can be worn, it is worn and it looks great with almost everything. You can dress it up or down; casually style it with cotton t-shirt and a pair of jeans; throw it over a lace dress; mix it with prints and patterns.

When it comes to leather skirts, sometimes that choice can be a bit sassy, but if you opt for pencil skirt or a tulip shape skirt in mini or midi length, you'll be safe from crossing the line between looking trendy and looking tacky. And yes, you can add some quilted texture or the zipper detailing. In fact, you are more than welcome.

Now, is there anyone who doesn't own a pair of leather leggings already? Legging style (as well as the skinny crop) is the most often form of leather pant as it gives a trim look when paired with a trench coat or a blazer, and keeps a balance when in your proportions if you throw an oversized knit sweater on top. But if you're in a mood for a little playing with the proportions then go for baggy leather - just but be careful in keeping the look effortlessly chic instead of slouchy.

There are number of reasons why people opt for faux over the real leather, with the budget and environmental concerns being at the top of the list. I would personally always go for faux leather as its quality has improved over the years making it hard to tell it is not the real deal; and as it is more lightweight and easier to wear on both warmer and cooler temperatures. You have already seen me wearing some faux leather shorts and leggins on the blog already, but that doesn't mean that my hunt for similar garments is done.

As the matter of fact it has only begun, and here are some of the Choies.com shopping suggestions to prove it. A jacket is a must, as well as a blazer with PU collar. That is a perfect example of how you don't need to embrace leather with full force, but include some leather accents in a form of a sleek sleeve, peter pan collar or a waistband - these are the details that will definitely make a difference in an outfit. And when it comes to skirts, I am obsessed with quilt pattern and frills as you can tell by my picks. Make sure to check out these links and let me know what you think of leather trend in the comments below!

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