February 7, 2015

Brand love: Avène.

Photos by me.

With the white and peachy-pink packaging of Avène products taking over my bathroom shelves, I knew it was the right time to dedicate an entire post to the brand that my skin seems to respond the best to in the last couple of months. Knowing my affinity for French skin care brands, it should come to no surprise that Avène is one too. But what makes it special is the fact that is centered around the soothing properties of Avène Thermal Spring water, which Avène bottles directly from the source and uses in its entire product range. Low mineral content rich with silica and trace elements makes this spring water perfect for the all types of sensitive skin: from sensitive (that reacts to potent skin care products), intolerant (prone to Eczema and Rosacea) to allergic (that causes allergic reactions, redness or rashes).

Luckily I have never had any severe problems with my skin, but I do occasionally feel it getting very dry and therefore, a bit sensitive. If you think your skin reacts in the same way as mine (or more serious) then scroll down to see some of my recommendations. And if you have been following my blog then I am sure you have seen me writing about these already.

Gentle eye make up remover: My latest eye make up remover product comes in the form of a fluid gel that is clear, non-greasy and, from what I have read, particularly recommended for those who wear contact lenses. I have to be honest and say that I did find rather mixed reviews about this products. But what I can say from my experience is that it does just the right work in removing my everyday make up that is neither heavy nor waterproof and, what is more important, does not irritate my eyes or the delicate skin around them.

Eau Thermale Hydrating Serum (here): Serums should be included in your everyday routine because, unlike the regular moisturizers, they are very rich in active ingredients and are able to get them into the deeper layers of your skin. This hydrating serum contents 77% thermal spring water and some glycerin as well; it sinks in quickly, leaves no residue and provides skin with a nice dose of water. I apply a generous amount of it on my face and neck area and notice the difference right away - my skin is smooth, dewy and perfectly prepped for my usual moisturizer.

Purifying Scrub (available here): Regular exfoliation of your skin is definitely one of the most recommended steps in the skincare routine all throughout the year. Why? Skin tends to build up dead cell residue (especially in the dry and cold winter weather), the oil flow that is naturally produced gets trapped under that residue, and all that results in clogged pores and breakouts. To help get rid of the dead skin cells, stimulate the natural cell renewal process and to achieve a healthy radiant glow of the skin, it is necessary to find a mild scrub to use twice or even three times a week.  This sensitive-skin friendly scrub has been my absolute favorite. It has a mild gel texture and pleasant exfoliating micro-beads, and does not leave my skin dry and/or tighten.

Cold Cream Lip Cream (here): Not to forget that during winter months my lips are prone to dryness and chapping, so to avoid that at any cause I always go for the richest and softest lip creams and balms. Besides the inevitable thermal spring water, this cold cream also contains lanolin and Vaselin. And what I most love about it is the fact that not only does it provide an immediate remedy and protection, but it keeps them soft for a long time.

Thermal Spring Water Spray (here): Facial sprays are products I not only use in my morning/evening skin care routine, but products I am never leaving the house without. And especially now in winter when the cold and harsh weather requires any soothing and moisturizing solution. I spray it whenever my skin feels tight and uncomfortable and feel the instant relief. Also if I have a cold a spritz or two will calm the area around my nose and mouth that irritated due to the runny nose and a tissue use.

Have you tried any of Avène products before - let me know your picks in the comment section below!

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