March 25, 2015

Style crush: Leila Yavari.

 Photos: Pinterest.

Fashion editor - checked. Street style photos favorite - checked. Effortless with a modern twist - checked. Masculine silhouettes with feminine flourishes - checked. Leila Yavari undoubtedly ticks all the boxes. I've seen her pics frequently popping up among my favorite street style looks, and every single time I loved how she always managed to stay edgy and on-trend yet never overdone. And as her career in fashion and sense of style was not impressing enough, how about the fact she is working on a doctorate in political science too?

Luckily there are couple of style notes we can write down from Leila Yavari because she is more than happy to share them. She claims putting an outfit together has a lot to do with instinct and feeling; still the cut, silhouette and fit are very important and so is an element of play. She also points out her international fashion background: tradition and classicism from her Persian side, rock n' roll vibe from her stay in Los Angeles, confidence to break the rules she learned to have in France.

Have you been loving Leila's style already? Share with me your recent inspiration in the comments below.
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