May 17, 2015

I heart: the flat lay.

The Virgo in me just loves everything perfectly neat, organized and color coordinated, no wonder I became so obsessed with the flat lay photos. And while you may ask what is it exactly that makes a picture a flat lay, you are probably pinning one or liking one on your Instagram feed right now. A flat lay is a fashionable and chic photo of objects arranged to lay flat on a background and photographed from above. It can be created with just about anything; from clothes, jewelry, accessories, stationery, food; but it usually sticks to a certain theme or a complementary color scheme. Seems like it's not a big deal, right? Probably. But the best ones are incredibly and artfully organized and actually involve a careful consideration.

If you don't believe me, then just ask the uncrowned queen of the flat lay Margaret Zhang, whose sense of styling is seriously impressive and flat lay photography is eye-popping. And while it takes a lot of practice to reach that pro #zhangflat level, here are couple of things you should have in mind next time you try to create a flat lay photo:

- Find a lot of natural light and the right background. Always think about the focal point of your flat lay - if it is patterned stick to a solid color background such as white or black; and if it's a simple item then it may contrast nicely against a patterned background. And keep an eye on the whitewash timber boards, crumbled bed sheets, marble tops, polished concretes too - they just beg for the perfect flat lay photo.
- Make the photo more appealing to the eye by keeping the colors tonal and all the items neatly placed.
- Although Margaret Zhang would probably disagree, sometimes less is more. Don't be afraid of the clean lines and some empty space.
- It is all about the process of trial and error so don't let the couple of bad flat lay photos discourage you. Try re-arranging the items or using a different angles. The more photos you take, the more likely you are to create a good one.

Do you love taking flat lay photos too? Share with me your inspiration and tips in the comment section below! 
Have a nice Sunday!


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