June 29, 2015

The blog talk: keeping up with Jeans And Roses.


As I'm writing this post, I cannot take my eyes off the number 1000 at the side bar - the number of followers my blog has just gained via Google Friend Connect! I know that, when it comes to blogging, some advise to ignore all the numbers and enjoy blogging for the act of blogging and not for the goal of gaining followers. But I love to keep up with my post numbers, page views and followers, be happy for each one of them and celebrate every milestone. And the number 1000 is quite a milestone in my book. So (hopefully without sounding boring) I have to give huge thanks to you and let you know that every single visit and comment has made this whole blogging journey a lot better!

I've been running Jeans And Roses for a year and a half now and, yes, my enthusiasm and inspiration have been through some ups and downs; but I have always been devoted to bring nothing but the quality content and fashion, beauty, Instagram and lifestyle posts on a regular basis. Today's recap post is all about reminding you, as well as introducing to new visitors and followers, what my blog has been up to and what social media and fashion communities it has been connected to. 

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OTHER:   Fashionhyper   /   Beauty Walks

FASHION COMMUNITIES:    Chicisimo   /   Chictopia   /   Lookbook

No matter what social media or fashion community you choose to follow my blog on, you know I appreciate
your time, effort and interest! Hope you have enjoyed Jeans And Roses so far, and you will too in the future!
Wishing you a great start of the week!

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