July 1, 2015

I heart: printable planners.

Photos by me.

"Organize" is my favorite word and to-do lists are my best friends - the Virgo in me just loves to keep the checklists, analyze what has been achieved and plans what has to be done in the upcoming days, weeks or months!

Well, we always seem to be juggling our work, career, personal life, social life and, oh yes, blogging. I guess many people are unaware of the fact that blogging can get quite overwhelming and that it requires commitment, consistency and some serious planning as well. Luckily, keeping a well-organized planners and/or calendars can do wonders for balancing all the aspects of our lives and I know many of you rely on phone apps. But I am definitely more a "pen and paper" type of person; not only am I always keeping at least two of my notebooks with me; but I am constantly looking for new printable planners, worksheets and checklists! And today I'm sharing the links to my favorite ones - so whether you need to plan your daily or weekly chores, pack for a vacation, brainstorm blog post ideas or keep up with your blog stats, I am sure you will find them worth downloading!

(Click on the each link.)


Let me know how you keep yourself organized - I would love to read your tips in the comment section below!

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