December 21, 2015

I heart / Printable calendars

 Photo: Coco And Mingo.

Whether exciting or scary (or probably both), but we are now officially ten days away from the new year! And if you have not been already, then I am sure now you will be busy creating plans for 2016 or at least figuring out what to kick start January with.

For me, organizing and planning is just the most natural thing in the world (hello, Virgo) and all the calendars, planners and worksheets are my BFFs. I know many of you rely on the phone apps, but still there is something about having a tangible piece of paper and a pen that can help you map out the entire year, set your goals and add an important date or an event. So today I am sharing with you links to some of my favorite 2015 calendars I have found on the web - not only they are so nicely designed, but they are free for you to download and print at your home!

(Click on the each link.)

Have a great start of the week!