December 4, 2015

The nail polish talk / The chic neutrals

Photos by me.

When it comes to my winter stash of nail varnishes, the deeper and darker hues are being replaced with a palette of delicate light muted tones. These are quite unique blends of grey, beige and purple that I am happily choosing over my usual blacks and dark reds; but they are very neutral, calming and peaceful. Perfect for winter, and perfect for all year round.

Essie Blanc // The opaque white perfection. Probably the most worn and the most praised nail polish on Jeans And Roses Blog ever.

Essie Merino Cool  //  A quite unique shade from one of the previous Essie autumn collections, with the color description ranging from "the purple-tinted grey" to "dull and dark lilac".

Essie Sand Tropez  //  One of these perfect nude nail polish colors, with a sandy beige tone and a very light touch of grey.
Simple, classic and chic.

Essie Chinchilly  //  It is a sleek granite grey with a slight purple undertones; running a perfect line between the cool and the warm,
the light and the dark. (I wore it here). I guess it could be categorized as "greige" too.

Are you loving these chic and neutral tones too? Share with me your December nail polish favorites
in the comment section below!