September 30, 2014

Style catch up: September.

September is, hands down, my favorite month! Weather wise, birthday wise and yes, even fashion wise. It is still warm enough to make the most out of the summer clothing; while the slightly chilly mornings and nights allow you to reach out for your biker jackets, scarves and boots. I just hope this mild autumnish weather continues throughout October too, as I'm still not ready to completely go for more serious layering and cozying up.

Anyway, the September recap is on the blog today. Click on the link under each picture to see the original post and scroll over these shopping recommendations that are similar to the style I was wearing. And let me know what is your favorite look in the comments below!

As you can see, I have been wearing some of my new items, such as the black sleeveless blazer and the print tassel kimono. And if you think of updating your wardrobe too now it's the perfect opportunity, since Sheinside has some great markdowns for you: 30% if you spend over $100; 35% off over $150 and 40% off over $200. Make sure to click here or on the photo below. Happy shopping!

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September 28, 2014

Venice outfit. Bridges.

I have no idea how many bridges I've crossed for these three days, but I think that even with the hardest effort I wouldn't have made it through all of the 340 that are count to be in Venice islands. Since everything in Venice has a story to tell, I'm sure that each of these 340 bridges has one too. The most famous ones, embodying all the beauty and the history of this fascinating city, are those crossing Grand Canal - Ponte Rialto and Ponte Degli Scalzi. But I've always found the small bridges in the narrow alleys of Venice way more interesting and photogenic. Lacking the crowds and the noise, but definitely not lacking the beauty and charm.

Did you know that, back in the days, you could donate some money to the city of Venice and have a bridge named after you? I wouldn't mind leaving my name in this decorated cast iron one crossing over Rio Malatin and Rio S. Mauritzio. Well, at least in a form of the clichéed love locks, that seem to be popping up on numerous bridges around Venice.

Wearing: kimono Sheinside (got it here); top Zara (similar here and here);
jeans Zara (get similar here, here and here); bag Caprisa;
necklace Accessorize (love this, this and this too); flats Aldo.

September 26, 2014

Venice outfit. Bricks.

Yes, the architecture of venetian palaces is a definition of elegance; and an absolute must for your photo diary with their Gothic and Moorish inspired tall facades, pointed arches and crenellations. But if you step away from the common tourist routes and famous buildings, and find yourself among the residential houses of the islands, you will find just enough charm and inspiration in the simple orange brick facades. And depending on your mood, you can snap a photo or two by the old ones decorated with wooden door and window frames, or these graffiti covered ones*.     (*matching the color of your belt is optional.)

Wearing: shirt Oviesse (the similar style here, for larger polka dot print see here);
bracelet H&M (love this, this and this too); rings Stradivarius (similar here and here);
shorts Terranova (similar here and here); belt H&M (similar here);
bag Carpisa; boots Bershka (similar here and here).

September 25, 2014

Venice photo diary.

Photos by me.

It was in the peak of winter almost four years ago when we first arrived in then foggy and rainy islands of Venice.  Our stay was so short and chaotic but so charming at the same time that, on our way back to mainland, it made us promise to return. And we finally did this year and we could not pink a better timing than my birthday weekend. Last Sunday I finally sailed into my thirties - and I say that quite literally too - in a famous venetian gondola.

During this stay we had all the time in the world to get lost in the maze of streets and canals, cross as many bridges as possible, capture all the red brick facades and pretty windows, and indulge in cappuccinos and Italian cuisine. And, at the end of the day, rest our back and feet on the gondola ride. Spoiling ourselves was our mission, but be aware that in venetian style it does not come cheap. Yes, Venice was packed with tourists just like it is every other time, but as long as I had a substantial amount of caffeine in me I didn't mind making my way through the crowds and going after the hidden places and piazzas with just the locals or even no one around us.

Maybe one day the road (and the railway) will bring us to this magnificent place once again, but for now we are absolutely fulfilled with the experience and in the mood to browse our photos over and over again. And just the tiny amount of these I shared with you today. In case they inspired your choice of the next travel destination, feel free to ask me about any travel, hotel, food and drink or the shopping recommendations.

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