January 16, 2014

Coffee, make up and macarons.

Photos by me.

Just like a cup of coffee, certain make up products are my little mood boosters on everyday basis. Even if I'm not going anywhere or doing anything particular, a little sweep of my favorite nail polish or a drop of perfume can never hurt. And neither can a bite of vanilla or chocolate macaron. Don't you agree?

A mascara specially designed for hazel eyes like mine? Yes, please! This is the second time I'm using this Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara and again it's giving a nice volume and nice sparkle due to the light reflecting particles that are supposed to brighten and enhance my natural eye color (note: this mascara is also available for brown, blue and green eyes). I prefer it for a day wear because night wear requires more dramatic look than this mascara is able to deliver, so in that case I use it as a finishing coat over Avon SuperShock Mascara.

From "no make up" look to a smokey eyes look - the neutrals of Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette are a staple in my make up collection for a quite some time. As you can see, I've hit the pan on my most worn shades - W.O.S. which is light nude matte, Naked2 - a taupe matte and Venus - a slightly shimmering off white color, perfect for highlighting. Besides them, this palette contains Foxy - a cream matte, Faint - a warm brown matte and Crave - almost a black matte. As you know, Urban Decay has an amazing palettes and, as much as I'm loving the rose gold packaging and shades of Naked 3, the Naked Basic is the perfect choice for my needs.

Speaking of the perfect choices, I have to mention Essie Blanc nail polish. I've been wearing it ever since I bought it last summer, proving that it can be pulled off at any season. I had to get used to seeing my nails in opaque white at first, but now I can't imagine any other color as my favorite everyday wear (I wore it in my last outfit post here).

I love everything Zara and their perfumes are no exception. They are affordable everyday fragrances I've read so many great reviews on, and some are even considered to be the dupes for more famous and luxurious ones. I'm loving this elegant floral one White Jasmine. I've had it for a long time and I'm just of couple of drops away from emptying the bottle and replacing it with a new one from Zara department.

Have you been wearing any of the products shown and what are your thoughts? 

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