February 17, 2014

Winter skin savior

Photos by me.

Winter is still not over yet, and my dry skin lets me know that by still needing an additional nourishment and moisture. When I bought this Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask from The Body Shop my initial plan was to use it just as recommended and that is to apply a thick layer on my face, let it sink in and remove it after ten minutes. But for my skin that was acting more drier and sensitive than usual that simply wasn't enough, and it was when I started using it as an overnight mask that I have seen the difference. Almost every night I would generously apply it on my face, neck and chest area without feeling it to be too heavy or greasy, and then wash it off in the morning. The more I use it as an overnight mask, the more soft and dewy looking my skin gets, so this was a perfect product to help me get through the colder months, get my skin in the balance and start preparing it for the spring.

Hope you have a good start of the week and hope you would share your favorite products in the comments below! 
What was your skin savior this winter?

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