June 7, 2014

Inspired by: Kenza.

Photos: Kenza

If you look up for a definition of the term "less is more", you will find it in Swedish fashion. The same goes for "discreet colors""refined look", "monochrome look". But this doesn't mean there is any lack of style and creativity, because how would you explain that it is the swedish style that have been taking over the world's fashion scene? Sweeden seems to be producing some of the best fashion blogs in the world, and the one that is in my focus today is Kenza's.

Kenza Zouiten is a young model - turned blogger - turned designer, and is a perfect example of someone who is aware of current trends but picks out only that which is relevant to her and her style. The same approach I have when it comes to my style too. Anyway, she tends to mix and match high end and affordable pieces and turns them into clean-out and versatile outfits. Today I will dissect some of my favorite monochrome looks from gorgeous Kenza, find the similar style solutions on Choies online shop and, hopefully, give some inspiration to your future outfits as well.

Kenza gave me a high expectations about a white two-piece suit. And the idea that it can work just as good 
when a blazer is replaced with a sleeveless waistcoat.

I love black in summer, especially in the form of airy and flowy camis and vests. 
And sorry Kenza, my choice of lace back cover up is much prettier than yours.

The classic black and white combo has never looked better.

Make sure to check out these links and, of course, leave a comment telling me what do you think of Kenza's style and what is your favorite look out of these three! Hope you are having a great weekend!

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