June 3, 2014

Summer ready.

Photos by me.

You know that summer is approaching when your beauty shopping cart is bursting with bright colors and invigorating smells of mango, papaya and coconut. So while I was browsing through the drugstore shelves and picking up my summer necessities, I was instantly picturing myself on an endless sand beach, with my coral bikini on and a pineapple juice in my hand. So what are these necessities, you say? Balea Lip Balm in Juicy Orange, Balea shower gel with a fruitty cocktail fragrance of mango, Balea Summer Garden Shaving Gel because it's all about the bikinis, summer shorts and dresses, right? And my two favorites - Dry Spray Oil and After Sun Body Butter from Hawaiian Tropic

Coconut is not the scent I am usually drawn to because, in most of the beauty products, I find it to be too sweet and artificial. But what is the signature scent of Hawaiian Tropic products is the classic rich coconut that has definitely got me converted!  The Protective Dry Spay Oil is my body's new best friend on the beach; the dry oil formulation leaves my skin feeling moisturized without oiliness and the water resistant formula allows me to dip in the sea without worrying about having to reapply my sun protection. I always opt for the dry oils because they work the best for my skin, help me tan quickly and does not clog my pores. 
I also love using after sun hydrating and soothing sprays, creams or, in this case, Body Butter. It is so thick and creamy but perfectly absorbed straight away after applying. And its subtle coconut scent just screams "summer' and makes you want to smell it and use it all the time!

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What products will be your summer necessities? Let me know in the comments below!

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