September 11, 2014

Nano Rouge.

Photos by me.

Hope you are prepared for a sweetness overload, because not only we are having raspberry and vanilla flavored macarons on the blog today, but we are playing with some macaron-sized lipsticks too. Yes, you've read that right. These Nano Rouges from Aura may only be 4 cm big but their bright pink packaging definitely got my attention. And love. From the smooth and creamy texture, pleasant scent to color range, it was hard not to fall in love with, what is most likely to be, my favorite make up find of September. And definitely an essential part of my make up bag! I can easily pack an entire bunch of these and take a place in my make up bag that normally two regular sized lipstick products would. One of these shades are the nude pink 89 Nantucket, the mauve "my lips but better" shade in 80 Athens and the dark red 85 Havana. Yes, tiny size means tiny amount of product (1.5 gr), but I'm pretty sure the chances of me getting bored with these lipsticks and leaving them half used (as I have with many other regular size lipsticks in my collection) are almost none.

What would you reach out for first - the macarons or the lipsticks?

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