November 14, 2014

Style lessons: coats.

 All photos: Pinterest.

Ok, so the weather so far was definitely not in a need of any cozy and bundled up assembles and, honestly, I do not complain about that at all. I just think of it as another opportunity to style stalk some of the most stylish women and take some extra lessons in styling the coats and hats for the upcoming months. So what have I written down so far? 

- Less is more (well, more or less).
- One can never wear too much of faux leather trousers.
- Hats are to be worn. Not to be used only as a decor detail in the room.
- Camel coat will solve all your problems. Not really, but it will solve a lot of your "But I have nothing to wear" problems, and that's basically the same thing.
- When it doubt, belt it.

How are you wearing your coats this season? See more of the must-copy looks on my Pinterest board here
Have a nice weekend!

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