April 30, 2015

Style catch up: April.

Black and white, favorite biker jacket, my new Zara heels, occasional pop of pastels. My April style got them all covered. And is it too weird if I say that I am quite happy with it? Because, no matter the latest shopping hauls or the pinned inspirational looks, it is always my mood that will end up dictating my outfit so I can never tell for sure what I would be wearing later today, tomorrow, let alone for an entire month. Recap posts like these actually tell me lot more about me than just about the trends or the brands I was wearing. Looks like I was in quite a good mood over the last couple of weeks.

As always, I am including the link to the original post under each outfit picture as well as the shopping recommendations that are similar to the style I was wearing. And, again, I am hoping to read your thoughts and find out what your favorite look is in the comment section below!

Peach, please.


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