June 24, 2015

Cheating on fashion with furniture: outdoors.

  Photos: Pinterest.

Summer is all about staying outdoors; but sometimes you don't even need to go far to truly enjoy the sunny days, bright blue skies and warmer temperatures. You can make the most out of you balconies, patios, lawns and gardens and turn them into the perfect lounging, dining or entertaining areas for the upcoming months.

There is nothing better than having a spacious area where you can either lounge, suntan, put on a barbecue and have a seat for eating. But don't give up if you are short on space - couple of decor solutions and a little creativity can transform even the smallest space into your own haven.

Choose a color palette that makes sense for your outdoor space: monochromatic is always a safe choice but don't be afraid to add couple of details in bright colors and prints. Plants are always a great way to accessorize any space as they add a fresh and natural pop of color too. And think about adding the various types of seating and filling them with padded cushions and pillows. It is all about creating the space that is as comfortable and inviting as possible.

Outdoor spaces are great during the daytime, but they are even better if you set them up to be used after sunset as well. So load up on candles, string lights or fire torches - you would not believe how much mood lighting can make a difference to your space and overall ambience!

I just love sipping coffee on my balcony as early as 6.30AM, as well as lounging and watching the beautiful sunsets -
and I don't mind these chilly June mornings and nights at all!

Is your balcony, patio or garden summer ready? How do you chillax?


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