July 4, 2015

I heart: flash tattoos.

Photos: Pinterest.

Everywhere you turn now, you see boho chic fashion, gypsy looks, festival inspired outfits. Summer is all about having fun, feeling free, channeling our inner wanderlust and bringing in the exotic feel to our outfits. Trend I am loving today seems like a perfect match of boho and exotic - the temporary flash tattoos!

Are you into the look of tattoos but don't feel like making such a permanent commitment? Or you are into stacking up your jewelry and mixing up metallics? Well, flash tattooos are the perfect alternative for both! They are such a creative way to express your summer mood; and add a fun and trendy twist to your outfit - no matter if you going to the beach, attending the music festival or just simply enjoying your day out in the sunshine.

All you have to do is place the tattoo on your skin, dampen it up with a help of a wet sponge and peel the applicator away. What you are left with is the delicate metallic gold and silver pieces that will shine the light as you move. Focus on one body part at the time (fingers, anklets, collar bones), add a couple of delicate tattoos and mix them up with actual rings, bangles or necklaces. Or opt for one single statement tattoo necklace or a body chain for a bolder approach to the style. The great part about these tattoos is that they will last you up to two or three weeks, which means you can easily switch up the style, the motive and the body part depending on your mood!


Will you be decorating your suntanned skin with this jewelry-like tattoos as well - hope the photos and 
my shopping picks above inspired you to! As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this trend! 
Have a nice weekend everyone!


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