December 15, 2015

Best of 2015 / Style crushes

//  Leila Yavari  //

//  Giorgia Tordini  //

//  Carmen Hamilton  //

//  Anine Bing  //

//  Lisa Rvd  //

The second part of my "Best of 2015" series is all about the women who have been inspiring me throughout the year with their impeccable fashion sense and perfected street style looks, and to whom I have been dedicating my blog posts to. They are fashion editors, designers, creative consultants and contributors to fashion portals and/or blogs; and what they all have in common is an effortless style with a modern twist. Their signature looks are all about keeping things simple, mixing menswear inspired clothes with feminine accessories and adding minimal jewelry. Click on the link under each picture in case you missed any of these posts - I am sure you will get plenty of inspiration too!