December 28, 2015

The style talk / My 2015 fashion rules

Photo by me (Instagram.)

Another year is another chance for a style to evolve; and while I still feel like my style is not hundred percent where I would want it to be, I can tell it is significantly closer than it was this time last year. I wanted to dedicate this post to getting to know and maintaining your personal style - is not about nailing down a specific look or title, but more about knowing how you want to feel and knowing what crucial items from your wardrobe, what outfit formulas and what tricks can help you accomplish that. So here are mine:

01 //  Me = neutral color palette. Black, grey, navy, cream, camel and burgundy! Bold hues and the washed out colors terrify me.

02 //  Monochromatic outfits are my BFFs. Both flattering and incredibly elongating, they always look intentional and put together. Especially the grey and black ones.

03 //  I tend to go for different materials and textures for the all black looks just to add more interest, and always make sure all my blacks match.

04 //  Grey is my favorite color to cheat on black with.

05 //  I am quite tall so I can make a lot of outfit works, however I have a thin waist and wider hips. And depending on what of these I am in a mood for hiding or accentuating, I go for certain outfit formulas. High-waist skirt in full form perfectly hide my hips, accentuate my waistline and make my legs look longer. Any top work with such a skirt must be tucked it to keep to proportion balance.

06 //  Sometimes I don’t mind accentuating both my waist and hips so I go for the belted vest, cardigan or a coat. (You can use the belt trick even when you don’t have curves but want to make the illusion of ones.)

07 //  Long vests and coats are my best friends when I'm just not feeling it and, literally, need to cover up.

08  //  Volumized bottoms require slim and crop tops; oversized tops ask for slim bottoms. The simple proportion rules I always have in the back of my mind.

09  //  When in doubt #01 - a biker jacket. It is a great layering piece, it elevates the simplest t-shirt and jeans looks and dress down anything too girly or romantic.

10 // When in doubt #02 - throw over the shoulder: the cardigan, the blazer, the coat and, of course, the biker jacket.

11  //   The cuff and the tuck comes instinctively to me. I always make the half-tuck especially with any oversized top, and I rarely go without cuffing the sleeves of my sweater, blazer or jacket. These finishing details is what adds dimensions to an outfit, and make you look like you know what you are doing.

12  //  Summer pieces can and do work in winter outfits – layering is the key.

13  //  Any wardrobe item that can multitask gets a plus in my book: I wear the dress as a blouse and a skirt too.

14  //  There is no such a thing as too many black high heeled shoes. Or too many black flats or loafers. Or biker and ankle boots, for that matter.

15  //  To steam and to press! I always make sure to have everything freshly pressed, as that will add an instant polish even to the most worn-in wardrobe pieces. Also, the thought of not having my handbags and shoes shiny and clean gives me a panic attack.

 And to see how I have actually applied all these rules, check out the recap of some of my favorite
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Hope some of these help you too! What are the rules you are sticking too - share with me
your favorite tips and outfit formulas in the comment section below!