January 29, 2014

Brand love: Caudalie

Photos by me.

When it comes to my skincare, over the last year I developed a significant affection towards French brands. I don't know if it's influenced by my growing desire to visit the country again or my indulgence with french pastries, but many of ''Made in France'' brands have found themselves on my bathroom cabinets and have done good to my skin. And one of the latest to have that little oh la la something was Caudalie

Caudalie brand was developed at the heart of french vineyards. It made the most out of the vines' and grapes' exceptional powers for the skin (from antioxidant and anti-agening benefits, to their ability to erase dark spots and reveal more radiant complexion) but avoided any harsh chemicals, artificial colorants and fragrances meanwhile. Today I'm sharing with you three of my favorite products, but if you would like to know more information about all their lines and the entire story of the brand visit Caudalie.com.

Beauty Elixir (get it here): Since so many people swear by this product that is meant to smoothe and tighten pores and give the complexion a burts of radiance, I wanted to try it myself. As recommended, I mist it on my face after cleansing and before applying moisturizer; and feel the ingridients such as the grapes, orange blossom and organic balm mint instantly waking up and refreshing both me and my skin. I rarely use it on top of my make up but it does come in handy as a make up setting spray too.

Grape Water (here): Unlike Beauty Elixir which is refreshing, I find this product to be very soothing and moisturizing, just as claimed on the bottle. I do have a dry skin so I tend to carry it around in my bag everywhere and spray it whenever I feel my
skin is getting drier than usual (out in the wind and cold or in very dry and air conditioned spaces).

Cleansing Toner - I'm no stranger to face toners and have been including many in my everyday skincare, from the vitamin enriched to moisture replenishing ones. Because it's very refreshing I like using this Caudalie toner in the morning, and the fact
that is moisturizing too and alcohol free definitely makes a plus.

Considering I'm very pleased with it so far, Caudalie is definitely on my to-watch list, as I'm planning to try many more of their products such as anti-wrinkle serums and shower gels. Have you tried any of the Caudalie products?
Share your favorite ones in the comments below!