January 31, 2014

Keeping up with Jeans And Roses

Never thought that, on this last day of January, I would be summarizing my blog posts and my social media connections, because blogging was something I never ever planned to do again. But 13 posts and many of your comments and feedbacks later, I'm not sorry for my decision at all.

Maybe the most responsible was actually my Instagram where I had been sharing my lifestyle, fashion and make up photography for the last six months and, as explained in my intro post, was something I enjoyed so much that I wanted to expand it in the form of blogging. Although blogging is now my priority, I still very much enjoy sharing both blog related and non blog related details from my life, so if you like them, follow my profile here.

Besides Google Friend Connect (on the right) the easiest way to follow my blog is on Bloglovin'
The registration is quick and easy and it helps you get all the latest updates from your favorite blogs in one feed. 
Follow Jeans And Roses on Bloglovin' here.

Another similar blog community which I have recently discovered is Fashionhyper, where you can "stalk" your 
favorite blogs in order to get their latest updates and hype the newest posts you like, as well as going back and 
viewing all the posts you have hyped in the past. My blog is also on Fahionhyper here.

If you don't have any of the accounts above but you love spending time on Facebook, you can keep track of my 
updates on The Jeans And Roses Blog Facebook page here, where I'm sharing links to my latest posts as well as 
some of my Instagram photos.

Last but not least I wanted to mentioned some of the well known fashion communities that collect and share personal style
photos. Although my blog is not just focused on my daily looks (but will include more in the future) I love sharing them on  
Chicisimo (here) and Chictopia (here), which is not only a good way to promote my blog but to get inspired by many
other fashionistas from around the world.

Hope you have enjoyed my blog so far! In case you have missed some of my posts - or if you are visiting my blog for
the first time and want to get a better idea of what it is about - make sure to check out the January archives.

Have a nice weekend everyone!