January 18, 2014


There is something so charming and addictive about these little Instagram squares and I found out that not long after I started sharing my own about half a year ago. (See my profile here.) And what was even more exciting for me was discovering so many wonderful talented people turning Instagram photos into an art and making a simple little street corner or a cup of coffee looking prettier than ever. I thought of dedicating my blog posts to some of my favorite Instagram feeds - some of them you're probably following already and some you may start now because I'm sure you would like them as much as I do.

@linadelika - a talented 23 years old girl working as a blogger, a free-lance photographer and a food-stylist, 
standing behind some of the most beautiful travel photos and breakfast table sets I've ever seen.

@notyourstandard - I can't remember if I started following her blog after discovering her Instagram or 
was it the other way around, but both are definitely worth checking out. Love the pretty details from 
her apartment as well as her ootds.

@blushshop - the prettiest clothing & accessories sets put together from the items available at their store.

@parisinfourmonths - to satisfy my love for its streets, buildings, flower shops and patisseries I try to follow as many
Paris - related feeds as possible and the well-known Paris in four months was the first on the list.

@fallingoffbicycles - a feed for my daily Paris fix and Amsterdam tease, both cities I want to visit again.

I will try to introduce you to as many irresistible feeds in the future and if you would like to share some of your favorites please do in the comments below! Have a nice weekend!

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