May 8, 2014

Inspired by: Damsel In Dior.

 Photos: Damsel In Dior.

There are numerous bloggers that I keep going to for wardrobe tips, styling ideas and fashion advice, and Jacie Duprie a.k.a. Damsel In Dior is the one whose outfits I'm highly anticipating on every day basis. And lately she's been on the top of her game! This Los Angeles based gal strives to dress sophisticated and, as she claims herself, adds "girlie touches that juxtapose her rough around the edges spirit".
Well, hello there.

But today I'm not just going to be drooling over her outfits, oh no. Today I will try to dissect some of my favorites, find the similar style solutions on Sheinside online shop and, hopefully, give some inspiration to your future outfits as well.

Long white sleeveless vest plus ripped black shorts plus metallic accents equals monochrome perfection! And a look to copy!

Cropped top with full skirt? Yes, please! And with a leather zipper jacket and a chain cross body bag,
Jacie adds a little edgier twist to combination of these two.

You have to love her ability to make the combination of a simple white shirt and ripped denim shorts so effortlessly chic.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment about what is your favorite look out of these three?
I would love to do the similar posts inspired with other stylish bloggers, so if you would like more let me know that too.
Suggestions are welcome!

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