June 15, 2014

Pinteresting, part two.

A while ago I was trying to convince you myself that I would not get addicted to this social media. And while the constantly growing number of my boards and pins may suggest otherwise, I am actually keeping my Pinterest under control. (A little pat on the shoulder here.) Today I'm sharing some of my favorite new boards and, although they are not fashion and make up/beauty related, I hope you will find them interesting and pinning worthy too (see my profile here).

From pastel colored building exteriors and decorated balconies, to pretty flower shops and caffee bars. All the charming streets of Paris, Venice, London and Amsterdam captures everyone's heart. And one of my latest board here.

Not only because they are my favorite fruits but also because they are in season right now - berries deserve to have a Pinterest tribute and they do here. Either freshly picked in all their natural beauty or transformed into the most delicious tarts, jams, smoothies and even refreshing summer drinks. Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries prove to be the most photogenic of all fruits.

Speaking of fruits, you'll have to agree that no other fruit reminds of hot summer day at the beach than a pineapple! So no wonder these fun fruits are popping up everywhere now - on fruit salads, photoshoots, flatlays, street style fashion and even art. And on my Pinterest board.

Yes, I'm 29 and I'm obsessing over cute stationary. I'm already struggling with not overflowing my desk and work space with the most colorful notebooks, pens, cards, notes and tapes; but seeing all these pinned here is tempting me to make a visit to the nearest school/office supplies store. Again.

A rainy Sunday like the one today means constant coffee sipping and Pinterest browsing, so don't be surprised to see some new boards created on my profile in the meantime. And also make sure to share links to your accounts as well as the recommendations of good inspirational board to follow. Hope you have a good start of the week tomorrow!

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