April 29, 2014


I will not get addicted to Pinterest. I will not get addicted to Pinterest. I will not get addicted to Pinterest. I have to repeat that to myself even while writing this post, let alone while looking for and pinning inspirational images from all around the web. First I avoided joining this social media for a long time because I was aware of how overwhelming and time consuming it can be, but at the same time I knew it was a great additional way to promote my blog so I eventually started using it solely for my blog photos. Little by little, my pins and boards were constantly growing in number and their content was becoming more versatile and creative. And I'm not even sorry! I wanted to share some of my favorite boards I hope you will interesting and pinning worthy too (see my profile here).

Because we are all in a search for a new source of fashion inspiration. It may hold probably a fraction of inspirational looks 
you would normally find in folders on my computer, but this board is a perfect example of my style and the outfits I would 
immediately wear from head to toe. See it here.

I am obsessed with just about any flatlay concept of photography, but the Virgo in me is always leaning towards the neatest and the most perfectly organized and color coordinated ones. From jewellery and clothing, make up and beauty products, to magazines and food. And anything in between here.

As a morning person I never underestimate the importance of the first meal of the day and the sort of ritual its preparation 
and consummation deserves to be. Although I keep my breakfasts the simplest and healthiest as possible, I do like to indulge 
every now and then, at least in the form of Pinterest photos. Coffee, pastries and fresh berries - how could you skip these? 
See all the deliciousness here.

Neither Instagram or Pinterest can go without macarons, right? I still can't get enough of the prettiness and photogenic of these delicious french pastries (see my favorite photos here) and the photos of ice cream cone macarons are my latest obsession.

Since I still consider myself new to Pinterest, I would love you to share links to your accounts as well as 
the recommendations of good inspirational board to follow. But I will not get addicted to Pinterest. 
And if I repeat it often enough I will start to believe it.

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