September 25, 2014

Venice photo diary.

Photos by me.

It was in the peak of winter almost four years ago when we first arrived in then foggy and rainy islands of Venice.  Our stay was so short and chaotic but so charming at the same time that, on our way back to mainland, it made us promise to return. And we finally did this year and we could not pink a better timing than my birthday weekend. Last Sunday I finally sailed into my thirties - and I say that quite literally too - in a famous venetian gondola.

During this stay we had all the time in the world to get lost in the maze of streets and canals, cross as many bridges as possible, capture all the red brick facades and pretty windows, and indulge in cappuccinos and Italian cuisine. And, at the end of the day, rest our back and feet on the gondola ride. Spoiling ourselves was our mission, but be aware that in venetian style it does not come cheap. Yes, Venice was packed with tourists just like it is every other time, but as long as I had a substantial amount of caffeine in me I didn't mind making my way through the crowds and going after the hidden places and piazzas with just the locals or even no one around us.

Maybe one day the road (and the railway) will bring us to this magnificent place once again, but for now we are absolutely fulfilled with the experience and in the mood to browse our photos over and over again. And just the tiny amount of these I shared with you today. In case they inspired your choice of the next travel destination, feel free to ask me about any travel, hotel, food and drink or the shopping recommendations.

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