December 31, 2014

2014 scrapbook.

Couldn't think of a better closure for 2014 than the collage of some of the favorite photos I have been sharing on my blog as well as my Instagram. There is no doubt blog has played a significant part in my life during the last twelve months and has slowly turned from just a creative outlet and hobby to a great source of possibilities, connections and collaborations as well. I might have had some ups and downs along the way, but what has strongly kept me holding on was the incredible interest and feedback my blog has been receiving from you. And I cannot end this year without, once again, giving huge thanks to you and letting you know your every single visit and comment has made this year a little bit better.

While still reflecting on the past year, why not mention something on the personal note too. The 2014 was definitely the year of changes on so many aspects: I have made the healthy diet options and workouts part of my everyday routine; I also made sure to change my surroundings by completely renovating my living area, purging, decluttering and accepting the values of minimalism and the concept of "less is more". And not to forget I hit the major milestone too - while turning the big 30 might sound depressing for me was quite the contrary, and it gave me such a liberating and empowering feeling. All in all, I feel like 2014 has set a great foundation and gave me a lot of reasons to look forward to 2015.

Right now I'm more than happy to welcome and celebrate the new year with my blog's readers -
I am wishing you all you all joy, happiness and success! And I'm hoping you'll be
going back to Jeans And Roses in the months to come!


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