March 14, 2015

Skincare talk: Lush and Caudalie.

Photos by me.

My skin will always let me know what time of the year it is without me needing to look at the calendar. And when the seasons change and my everyday routine should change accordingly - my skin will let me know. I just wish it could do that in more subtle way than with a major breakout, dryness and/or sensitivity, but at least it is making things lot easier for me in terms of knowing which products immediately have to be replaced and which should definitely be kept in use. 

So today I am sharing with you just a couple of new products that will be an inevitable part of my skin care routine this spring. If your skin is prone to drying and you look for soothing and moisturizing products based on all natural ingredients, then scroll down to read some of my recommendations.

Lush is probably my favorite cosmetics store to visit and also the one to put all of my self-control to the test. It is so easy to get mesmerized by all the wonderful smells of handmade skin, hair and body products and before you know it, your are walking out with a bag full of their signature bath bars and bath bombs. And you are not even a bath type of person nor you have a bathtub in your apartment. So I was very strict and only went after the specific products from my list:

9 to 5 One of the best skin cleansers I have tried in a long time. It is a light emulsion of almond oil and dove orchid extract and it perfectly removes all the impurities and all the make up. It does not leave my skin dry because the almond oil makes sure to keep everything soothed and moisturized - almost to the point I feel like I don't need to apply anything afterwards. I got it in the small bottle of 95g, but seeing how nicely balanced my skin is, I have already put the full sized product onto my spring wishlist.

Oatfix This face mask has both exfoliating and nourishing properties - it contains ground almonds and oatmeal that are supposed to gently eliminate the dead skin, and fresh bananas and illipe butter that should moisturize the skin at the same time. All you have to do is apply a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave it for around 10-15 minutes (just be careful as, because of its texture, some clumps of the mask could fall off your face) and then wash it off with warm water.

Mint Julips Dry and chopped lips, meet your worst enemy - a lip scrub. And not just any lip scrub, but all natural lip scrub containing sugar, peppermint, jojoba oil and vanilla extract. Sugar buffs away the flaky skin in the most gentle way possible, while the peppermint gives a slight tingling sensation and a fresh scent. Cannot think of a better, nicer smelling and nicer tasting way to get your lips ready for your favorite lipstick!

I have been mentioning Caudalie a lot on my blog. My skin seems to be more fond of this french skincare brand during warmer months - just as the temperatures rises so does my need for their vines and grapes based products. Beauty Elixir (available here) is making its comeback since last summer, and it is slowly pushing aside all the other facial sprays I have been using during fall and winter.

However, the one product I have not been using before is the Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum (get it here). From what I have read about it, it is a strong anti-oxidant blend of Polyphenol and Vitamin C, and it is supposed to block free radicals (as the main causes of wrinkles), defend the skin against the aggressions of daily life (as in UV rays that our skin will be more exposed to now in spring), brighten, moisturize with some additional hyaluronic acid and reduces the wrinkles. Well, I am not getting any younger so I say - yes, please! As you probably already know, serums are products that get their active ingredients in the deeper layers of your skin and, therefore, should be included in your everyday routine just before your moisturizer.

Have you been using any of these products? What will your routine be consisting of this spring -
leave me your recommendations in the comment section below! Have a nice weekend!



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