April 8, 2015

Skincare talk: AM routine.

Photos by me.

I have always been a morning type of person and, no matter if it is a hectic weekday or just a casual Saturday, I always wake up and get up about 6 or 6.30 AM. There is something about that early morning silence, tranquility and a little "me' time when is still dawning outside and everyone else is still asleep. And over the time I seem to have developed a certain rituals: checking my Instagram feed while waiting for coffee to boil is inevitable; as well as choosing the right products to put on my skin shortly after I wake up.

You know that season transitions aren't just about wardrobe cleanings and makeovers, but about reassessing the beauty regime too. The arrival of spring has finally put an end to the overdryness and sensitivity of my skin but made it long for more freshness, rejuvenation and radiance. So I made sure to include the products that will meet these new needs of my skin into my spring skin care routine and, when it comes to morning time, simplify it as much as possible.

Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion. Since the thorough make up removal, face scrub and face mask is a part of my night time cleansing routine, the morning one consists only of a gentle toner. Nuxe Toning Lotion is enriched with witch hazel, rose petals and coconut derivative and it has such a pleasant velvety-soft texture. Being primarily intended to normal to dry skin, it does not contain alcohol nor does it dry out the skin. It just refreshes, soothes and perfectly preps it.

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream & Eye Cream. You always seem to be extremely suspicious when it comes to a product that has the word "miracle" in the name, right? Now I am not saying that this one does a miracle, but it does very good work at least when my skin is concerned. A VERY very good work. The skin cream (with an eye cream alongside it) acts like a tinted moisturizer, but it has its own little tricks: it comes out completely white from the bottle and, once in contact with the skin, releases the micro-pigments that have been hidden inside the micro-capsules. As you blend the product it, these micro-pigments adapt to the natural color of your skin and give you an even out complexion and a glowy radiance. Besides the instant visual transformation, Garnier also claims to deliver long time benefits to your skin as well; promises the firmness and smoothness improved and the wrinkles and dark spots reduced. Well I can definitely tell you that, thanks to this cream, my skin has been fairly hydrated and has seemed to have a much better appearance. And would you believe me if I tell you that I haven't worn a foundation for more than a month now? A blend of Garnier Miracle Skin Cream and a touch of concealer is all that I am using and my skin seems to be absolutely loving that lightweight and more natural feel.

Nuxe Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm. The rich texture of natural ingredients such as honey, plant oil, shea butter and grapefruit essence is my favorite lip treatment, whether to leave overnight or apply in the morning. Why? Because unlike most lip products that just create the barrier on my lips, Nuxe actually deeply nourishes and repairs them.

L'Occitane Almond Hand Cream. L'Occitane has entire line of softening and moisturizing products based on almond milk and almond oil - many of which have been a skin care staples of mine during the winter months. But although the weather has significantly improved, my hands and my cuticles are struggling to repair and are still very dry and sensitive. And this cream is just one from my entire arsenal of hand care products that help nourish and soften my hands and cuticles. It has such a creamy but non-greasy formula and it smells amazing! Plus, giving the fact that I love having a handful of almonds and/or a glass of almond milk for a morning snack, it just fits in the theme perfectly!

Nuxe Body Fondant Shower Gel. Yet another proof of my love for anything almond. I usually take showers in the evening just before going to sleep because I prefer the creamy and nourishing shower products and body lotions because I prefer to let my skin soak up them up overnight. But if I am taking a morning shower then I am going for something more lightweight and refreshing, because I want to feel invigorated and energized. Orange blossom and almond blossom petals in the form of this Nuxe shower gel surely make me feel like that. It is soap-free which means it does not dry out the skin and is gentle enough for an everyday use. And did I mention it smells divine too?

Klorane Dry Shampoo. I first came across this product actually while preparing my Avène post, as Avène itself recommended Klorane laboratories (as another brand in their company group) for the range of hair care products. I have to mention that washing my hair is another thing I prefer doing in the evening because it is far more manageable when I wake up. I also tend to cut down the frequency of washing and shampooing my hair because I do not want to overdry it, so I rely on dry shampoos as much as possible. What makes the Klorane stand out among many others I have been using in the past is the fact that it contains a natural plaint-based ingredients. It absorbs excess oil, but instead of leaving a residue on your hair and scalp it leaves almost a perfectly clean and volumized hair. So whether I need to refresh a second or third day hair; or simply add a little texture to the hair I washed the night before, a couple of sprays of Klorane is all that I need!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Seriously, could I be praising this product any more? My absolute favorite face mist during spring and summer months, my favorite toner, serum, midday refresher, make up setter and travel companion! And in case of an early morning, my favorite blend of grapes, orange blossom and organic balm mint that helps me wake up on those rare occasions when a cup of coffee fails to.

 Are you a morning person? Well, at least you have your morning skincare routine, right? So let me know what it consists of
in the comment section below - looking forward to read all your recommendations!



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