April 9, 2015

Style lessons: culottes.

Where do I even begin describing culottes? A pant-short-skirt hybrid? A cropped pant that looks like a skirt from one angle and pants at another angle? A not too long, not too short pant? Whatever you call it, I am sure it sounds like quite tricky trend to pull off. And if you remember them from the early 2000s like I do, quite sloppy and unflattering too. But culottes have gone under a serious makeover, earned the editorials and street style approval and have been taking in fashion for the past couple of seasons. But how do you actually make these voluminous short pants flattering and wearable?

- Yes, the culottes have the tendency to shorten your leg-line, but the best place for them to fall on your legs in midcalf. Choosing this length will give the appearance of wearing a swingy skirt. If you are on the petite side, choose the length right below the knee.
- If you cannot find the perfect length you can always get culottes tailored. It might seem like too much  fuss around just a pair of pants but rest assured it will be worth it at the end.
- At first, stick to basic colors such as black, navy or white; and later as you feel more comfortable with the trend and feel like experimenting, start adding prints. I'd go with the grid print in a heartbeat.
- When it comes to styling, the perfect way to start is think of the culottes as the A-line skirt.
- Proportions, proportions, proportions! Having in mind that they are quite voluminous and often in high waist, they would go best with a more slim cut, fitted or cropped top. So go for fitted shirts, tucked in sweaters, blouses or bustiers. If you want to layer, keep the jackets waist-length or cropped. Everything that would work well with the previously mentioned A-line skirt will work well with the culottes too, because it will help balance and elongate the silhouette.
- The great thing about culottes is they will let you show off your shoes. You can't go wrong with a pair of pointy toe pumps (preferably flesh-toned because these will instantly elongate your shape) or even a thick-heeled platform or booties.
- Stay away from the flats, I repeat, stay away from the flats. I am usually a pro-flats type of girls but not in the case of culottes. Especially if your are on the petite side.
- Culottes jumpsuit? Yes, please!
- Italian vacation style (white culottes + sandals + striped top)? Effortless Parisian chic style (culottes with side pockets + slim sweater)? New York City style (culottes + shirt + blazer on top)? Keep in mind all these guidelines above and you will be able to achieve any of the styles, for a day or night time look.

Are you swaping your classic shorts and pants for culottes this spring? Let me know your thought about this trend 
as well as your favorite ways to wear in the comment section below!



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