January 7, 2014

To live by.

 Photos by me.

I wanted to kick off the new posts with a quote that probably sounds a bit like a cliche but it is one I will definitely tend to live by.  Do more of what makes you happy is sometimes easier said than done, so I have this picture frame in the middle of my room just to remind me. And today I have it for my photo set not only because it goes well with the outfit I'm showing you, but to remind and give an inspiration to you too.

I've been living in oversized sweaters, skirts and ankle boots, and these are all among my favorites from the each category: New Yorker sweater in black and white pattern; Zara high waisted pencil skirt with leather look material and zipper detail in the front (similar here and here); and Bershka ankle boots which are the most comfortable pair of boots I own. All items are from the current collections and may still be found in the stores. And to complete the look, I choose the black jacket, the chain bag and some chunky silver bracelets (loving these from Zara). 

As for the make up products shown in the photos: Chanel nail polish in 487 rouge fatal, Revlon Colorbust lipstick in 045 raspberry (loving these two together) and the Blush large powder brush for a finishing touch.

I hope you like my outfit pick and hope you would share your ideas of how would you accessorize it and complete the look.

I will be back soon with new posts, so stay tuned. S.