March 31, 2014

Focus on: the waist wrap.

If you have grown up in the 90's like I have, then you are probably very familiar with the idea of tied up shirts and jackets. (And you are now probably torn between the "I've witnessed and done the trend first time around" and "Damn, I'm old" feeling.) Back then, the waist wrap was typically a bulky part of an entirely casual outfit and not something we would consider wearing again at this age. But the fact that trends always come back with a slight reinvention is kind of comforting, as well as the fact that this particular one is now far more stylish.

First, it is not all about plaid shirt and sweatshirts, but just about any top with long sleeves. Anything from plaid to denim, to even leather jackets and bombers, can help you get that negligent effortless casual look. Second, although wrapping the shirt around your jeans is the most classical and common way, the recent trends allow us to pull of this look even with a skirt or a dress. But since it won't work on all types of skirt and dresses, opt for a tight skirt, bodycon or a t-shirt dress when you feel like wearing these and looking casual chic at the same time. Third, any type of shoes: sneakers, flats, boots and, especially high heels will work perfectly. Last but not least, use the wrapped shirt as an accessory and try pairing it just as you pair any other accessory - you can let it blend it or use it as pop of color or statement piece to a simple and monochrome outfit.

My looks. See the full post here, here and here.

If you have been following my blog then you could have seen I've been wearing a lot of waist wraps in my recent outfits too, mixing everything from plaid shirt (my favorite look here) to denim shirt and sweater. And I hope you liked it because this is the trend I will be sticking to in the following months and looking forward to wearing with shorts, skirts and dresses too.

Have you been trying out this trend yourself? I would love to read your thoughts in the comments below!
Hope you have a good start of the week!

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