April 2, 2014

Keeping up with Jeans And Roses, part two.

Photo by me.

Counting almost three months of continuous blogging and approaching the number of 50 posts here on Jeans And Roses, I thought of doing a little recap of what my blog has been up to and what social media and fashion communities it has been connected to. You may remember I did a similar post back in January when I just started blogging here and it brought me a great feedback.

My enthusiasm, inspiration and devotion to blogging has been growing since, resulting with numerous fashion, beauty, Instagram and lifestyle posts on a regular basis. So far my policy has been publishing the new content every other day, but since my goal is to increase the number of posts per month, you might read it more often. And to do so, you can choose to follow me on: Google Friend Connect 
(on the right), Bloglovin', Facebook, Fashionhyper and Instagram. And more...

I have to admit that I'm not as active on Pinterest as I could be, considering how much I've been drooling over all the gorgeous boards from other pinners. Or maybe that's a good thing since I know how much addicvtive and time consuming Pinterest can be? Nevertheless, I've been regularly pinning the content from my blog, and if Pinterest is your favorite type of social media, you can follow me here.

I'm happy to introduce you one of the newest places for fashionistas and fashion lovers. Beauty Walks carefully selects every blogger, writer, photographer and journalist to work with and publish stories and looks from real fashion influencers. Find and follow mine here.

Although I never planned my blog to be focused only on my daily looks, I did start including more of those in the form of common outfit posts and featuring them on some of the most popular fashion communities. The latest one I've joined is Asos Fashion Finder, the place to create, share and shop looks. When I share my looks here, I try to include the exact or the very similar items to those I'm wearing so you can get them directly on Asos.

My looks are on Chicisimo - here.

If you like Chictopia, you can find my looks here.

No matter what social media or fashion community you choose to follow my blog on, I'm very thankful for every single follower and really appreciate every page view and feedback. Hope you have enjoyed Jeans And Roses so far, and you will too in the future!