March 15, 2014

Weekend wishlist: placid blue.

Whether referred to as the "placid blue" in Pantone's Spring 2014 Fashion Color Report, "baby blue" or "icy blue", there's no doubt this gorgeous hue of blue is one of the trendiest colors out there. I have to admit that previous seasons it would not have been my first choice of pastels, not even the second or the third. But this year I am very much drawn to its resemblance of the spring sky and the certain sense of peacefulness and calmness that it invokes.

Another bonus in my book is how versatile it actually is! It pairs beautifully with classic blue shades such as chambray and indigo, as well as other soft pastels like peach, mint or lavender. But it can also be used as a neutral and worn with other neutrals, looking particularly pretty with black, gray and white.

Having all that in mind, no wonder placid blue is all over the street style photos and my favorite stores right now. When I say my favorite stores I mean Zara. It was its faux leather jacket that first caught my eye, but these gorgeous skirt and tops are something I would definitely love to see in my closet this spring as well.

Have you been wearing placid blue already? I would love to read your thought about this trendy color
in the comments below! Have a nice weekend!

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