April 9, 2014

Brand love: I Love... Cosmetics.

 Photos by me.

There are certain products that are simply bursting with life and are bringing a little joy and happiness every time you use them. Their packaging is as lovely as the scent they leave behind not only on your body but in the entire room. And yes, these scents tend to make you wonder if something smelling that good is tasting good as well. So much that "I am not food, please do no try to eat me" had to be stated on each bottle. The brand lovingly creating these irresistible goodies is I Love... Cosmetics.

With a passion for "amazing fragrances and the emotional connection created when people are surrounding by fragrances that evoke the happy memories", this UK based company offers numerous of recreated scents to fall in love with, from Coconut & Cream, Lemons & Limes, Honey Almond, Minty Choco Chip. And my  favorites - Raspberry & Blackberry along with Vanilla & Ice Cream - scents and flavors I can never get enough. 

Unlike many similar smelling products out there that can be too chemical and overwhelming, these smell exactly like a raspberry jam or vanilla milkshake would. Sometimes I go for the invigorating raspberry and blackberry in shower gel and body butter combination, other times I opt for the calming and soothing vanilla in a form of peeling gel and body lotion. But what I most love is to mix them up - because life is more fun when you smell like your favorite cake or french pastry. When it comes to hydration, they do a really good job and I find them to be the perfect for the spring time when my skin is not very dry and is in need of something lighter, non greasy and quick absorbing.

What I Love... Cosmetics scents and flavors do you find the most irresistible? Let me know in the comments below!

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