May 1, 2014

The jewellery talk.

Photo by me.

With my collecting jewellery being on the verge of hoarding and with my storage boxes slightly overflowing with bits and bobs from previous years, it was time for clearing up, reorganization and setting priorities in what styles and colors I can actually see myself wearing in the upcoming months. Jewellery is the easiest yet most creative ways to make just about any outfit different and outstanding, and it never goes out of style. Every season brings its own set of trends and here are my key words and shopping picks for this spring and summer.

Whether in placid or eclectic blue, sapphire, topaz or any other desirable variation - there is no doubt blue is still going strong. As you can see on the photo above I already own couple of blue pieces, but I wouldn't mind adding more. Especially necklaces such as this knotted one, the barrel beaded one here and the water drop tasseled here

Layers, beaded and floral numbers - whether your style is feminine, boho, or rocker-chic, there's something for everyone this spring. With a long multilayer colorful necklace like this; silver and chain one here, or the fringed ones like this and this; any other piece of jewelery will be unnecessary. 

On the opposite side of spectrum - thin and delicate pendant necklace is something that is missing in my collection so I definitely have my eyes on this faux pearl bar one. And since I'm obsessed with the idea of layering them I am definitely adding these and these to my wishlist as well.

So I did mention layering delicate necklaces, but in this case it is all about the bracelets. Arm party was my favorite style two years ago, but I am definitely bringing it back. It is all about mixing and matching metals, materials and textures, and creating different looks with a rich and eclectic feel. My picks? The yarn bracelets here;  threads and metals here; heart and cross bracelet set like this one or monochrome gemstone pack like this.

As in hearts, butterflies and clover leaves of Cruciani C. There is something so positive and fun about these delicate crochet bracelets so no wonder they are my absolute favorite type of accessory for this spring and summer. There are probably dozen of colors in my collection right now ranging from neutral to bright and neon ones, but I guess I won't stop until I have every single color out there. And I've found some very similar ones here.

Bring on triangles, hexagons and rectangles. We probably didn't like the geometry classes back in school, but geometric jewellery is something I am sure we will be more comfortable with. Especially with necklace such as this and ring like this.

As in stacked rings. I have been writing about and wearing this set of plain textured rings already, but I am thinking about mixing them up with more delicate set such as this.

What styles and pieces of jewellery would you state as your must haves for this season?
Do you like my picks? Let me know in the comments below!

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