August 13, 2014

Pinteresting, part three.

Here I am sharing my Pinterest obsessions again! Here I am sharing this wonderful and completely justified online hobby of mine again, introducing my Pinterest account for those who haven't seen it before and including the latest created boards. Almost every single one of them just screams summer, vacation, leisure, beaches, drinks, fashion. And if that is what you are browsing the Pinterest for, I hope you will click on the links below and find the pics interesting and pinning worthy too! Also, make sure to share links to your accounts as well as the recommendations of good inspirational boards to follow bellow!

From luxurious Mykonos sea views to relaxing California sunsets. Soaking up the sun on a deck of a yacht or on a seaside hammock. Feeling the warm sand between your toes or the salt in your hair. Oh! This is, without a doubt, my favorite Pinterest board ever - I love all these pins so much that I would even want to make an entire gallery wall out of them. One look at them here explains why.

When the summer temperatures go beyond bearable it is the refreshing drinks that will come to your rescue - fruit infused water, delicious lemonades or sips of cocktail. Don't you just love these days when your only concern is whether to put the cucumber and lime in you glass of water, or would the raspberry and peach make a nice additions to your lemonade? Hope the recipes on my board here will be these you'll reach out to next time you get thirsty.

Without much introduction and explanation - my favorite print had to have a Pinterest board all of its own.
Just had to. See my inspirations here.

I have just started making a collection of fashion and style related quotes and thoughts, and picking the ones I relate to the most for a new Pinterest board here. My favorite one? "When a woman says I have nothing to wear what she really means is There's nothing here for who I'm supposed to be today." Do we agree?

Happy pinning!

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