September 1, 2014

Life is what happens between the blog posts.

All photos: Pinterest.

I'm back after a two weeks of catching up on my life and crossing off some long delayed items from my to-do lists, all without any blog editing and publishing deadline. Well, when blogging is just your hobby you don't have an actual deadline, but when you are a perfectionist you tend to set them yourself. And it was a bit weird not needing to push a "new post" or "publish" button for the first day or two, but soon it was obvious how much I needed that little break. Thank you so much for all the comments on my last post where I explained I'm taking some time off and if you would like to know things I dedicated that time to, please keep reading.

1. Revamping the working space. My entire room actually was in a need of a makeover for quite some time, but it was recently when I realized that it has finally turned from the state of "organized chaos" to just "chaos". While the demolitions, installations and painting are not so pleasant part of its makeover, the new layout planning and the new furniture and decor hunt definitely are! The most anticipated project of all is revamping my desk space - as I will be spending more time there for blog, work and whatnot, I'll be definitely needing a lovely decorated and inspiring, yet organized and efficient surrounding. And where did I turn for style and organization ideas to? Pinterest, of course. Hopefully, I will have everything set by the end of September.

2. De-cluttering. I'm a huge believer in saying "organized space, organized mind". I tend to have couple of de-cluttering sessions throughout the year, and my latest one was just a natural part of the project above. Do I really need every single magazine issue from 2011? No. Do I have to keep all the photos of the unsuccessful blog photoshootings? No. Do I really think I would wear this dress I haven't worn for couple of years? No.  Some people have a problem parting with their belongings and memories, but over the years I've learned to get over it and appreciate the quality over quantity.

3. Wardrobe updating. Out with the old, in with the new. I have to admit I got fed up with both summer and summer clothes by the end of August and constantly got my eyes on the new fall collections. A visit to Zara and couple of clicks on Asos and Sheinside later, I went from "I have nothing to wear" to "Well, hello there September". And no, it was not a shopping frenzy, but a carefully planned wardrobe update of versatile transitioning pieces. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

4. Travel booking. I knew I would skip the hot, hectic and overcrowded summer months and wait for my favorite month to plan a travel. Couple of beautiful destinations were taken into consideration, but soon proven to be too much of a fuss to reach when you try to avoid taking a plane ride at all costs. But finally, a hotel is booked, the itinerary is planned and the packing lists and travel size products are being considered and stacked just as we speak.

5. Getting back on track. It's been couple of months since I quit working out and you wouldn't believe all the excuses I came up with for not going back on track. The new significant amount of free time was a perfect sign to get a new gear, protein powders and Youtube sets to work out with. After initial exhaustion and sore muscles I realized how much both my mind and body are thankful for my new workout routine. It is just the perfect mood and energy boost and I will definitely not quit it again after coming back to blogging.

And last but not least, I did get inspired for my fall blog posts, so stay tuned for latest trends in fashion, my personal outfits, 
shopping picks, beauty recommendations and makeup favorites, as well as Instagram photos and inspiration!

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