September 4, 2014

Thursday wishlist: lace bralette.

Photos: EJ Style, The Black Feather, Pinterest.

There was a time when a visible bralet was considered a tacky and completely unnecessary detail. But the bralet today is made to look less like a bra and more like a trendy fashion top, and definitely a diserable item for display. I mean, wasn't Isabel Marant the first to show this delicate piece on the runway of her Spring 2014 show? And all this time later, bralettes are still a must-have. Feminine and flirty, they work perfectly with the lace tops and sheer blouses. But if you prefer a little bit of contrast and an effortlessly chic look instead, then wear them with a simple sport thank, boyfriend jeans and denim shorts.

These are just a great option for layering too. It can't get more stylish, yet comfortable and lightweight choice foe a hot weather. And rest assured this is a trend that will continue into the fall too - it might become a little colder outside, but you will still see a bralette peeking under a structured blazer, a loose shirt and a knitted jumper.

Of course, bralettes come in a variety of styles and colors. While choosing my favorite color was very easy, I have to admit being indecisive between the edgy style of the straps and the feminine vibe of the lace. But my shopping picks below are a clear sign of what I eventually opted for.

Are you playing a peek-a-boo with your lace bralettes too? Share your favorite ways to wear them in the comments below!
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