September 28, 2014

Venice outfit. Bridges.

I have no idea how many bridges I've crossed for these three days, but I think that even with the hardest effort I wouldn't have made it through all of the 340 that are count to be in Venice islands. Since everything in Venice has a story to tell, I'm sure that each of these 340 bridges has one too. The most famous ones, embodying all the beauty and the history of this fascinating city, are those crossing Grand Canal - Ponte Rialto and Ponte Degli Scalzi. But I've always found the small bridges in the narrow alleys of Venice way more interesting and photogenic. Lacking the crowds and the noise, but definitely not lacking the beauty and charm.

Did you know that, back in the days, you could donate some money to the city of Venice and have a bridge named after you? I wouldn't mind leaving my name in this decorated cast iron one crossing over Rio Malatin and Rio S. Mauritzio. Well, at least in a form of the clichéed love locks, that seem to be popping up on numerous bridges around Venice.

Wearing: kimono Sheinside (got it here); top Zara (similar here and here);
jeans Zara (get similar here, here and here); bag Caprisa;
necklace Accessorize (love this, this and this too); flats Aldo.