January 14, 2015

I heart: Chloé Eau De Parfum.

Photos by me.

A sunny morning and a cup of coffee makes everything good. A sunny morning, a cup of coffee and a few drops of a new perfume makes everything even better. Chloé Eau De Parfum is my most recent purchase and, considering how incredibly feminine and effortlessly chic it is, I wonder how it hasn't made it into my perfume collection before. When it comes to scents, I've never been fond of these bold, heavy and overwhelming ones; and as a "less is more" type of girl I've always reached for more subtle but still elegant notes. Chloé EDP does open up with a surprisingly fresh water peony and rose burst and then is quickly transformed by the sharp scents of lily and magnolia. But as the scent progresses you are starting to feel the notes of lychee, amber and lily kicking in; leaving you with this powdery rose scent that is feminine but not at all girly and that is strong but at the same time so light. And it really lingers on. And not to forget the dainty box packaging and the hand tied bow on the top - this perfume will make such a decorative piece on your vanity table or a bathroom shelf.

With all being said, Chloé EDP seem to tick all the boxes and it is on a good path to become my signature scent. 
Have you tried it already? Don't forget to tell me what are your favorite scents and recent perfume purchases 
in the comments below!



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