February 23, 2015


 Photos by me.

I'm back after two weeks of taking a little time for myself, stepping back from the blogging world and not once thinking about post editing or publishing deadline. I tried to explain why I was taking some time off in the last post and your comments and support have definitely made me feel less guilty about it so I have to thank your for each and single one. And I couldn't think of a better coming back post than a recap of how my February looked in the form of an Instagram square, prior to and during my blogging break. If you like these, make sure to see more on my Instagram feed here.

After recharging my batteries I can now say for sure that I am fully inspired for my spring blog posts. So stay tuned for 
the latest trends in fashion, my personal outfits, shopping picks, beauty recommendations and makeup favorites, 
as well as Instagram photos and inspiration!


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