February 8, 2015

The blogging break talk.

Photos by me.

After a while of weighing in, I now definitely feel like both me and my blog could use a short hiatus of around ten days. I know fellow bloggers go off the radar without saying anything, but I always feel the need to explain my absence to the people following and loving my blog.

Taking occasional breaks can actually benefit your blog work and creativity, and the last time I claimed my right for one was in at the end of August. I have been constantly updating my blog ever since  and trying to deliver the quality content despite some ups and downs along the way. But the rough month of January followed by the rainy and gloomy beginning of February has started to take a toll on me. Despite all my best intentions, inspirational Pinterest boards and many blog post ideas, my energy and enthusiasm is completely drained off, and the need of pausing the blog and finding a little time for myself reached a crucial point. And while you are reading this, I am actually in the middle of packing my bags for a week long trip and that is something that will definitely help me recharge my batteries. Besides, the new season will soon come along and hopefully bring a breath of fresh air and a little color to my life. Literally and figuratively.

I will take a little Instagram break too, but I might pop up on Pinterest and Facebook page, so keep an eye on these. 

I hope you will understand my decision and will not hold it against me.  Thank you for loving Jeans And Roses Blog
so far and hope you will love it even more after this little break!


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