December 28, 2014

2014 favorites, part two.

Photos: Pavlina Jagrova, Fashion and style, Fake Leather, Pinterest.

Whether you are a fashion blogger or not, keeping up with the fashion trends can get a bit overwhelming; and trying to wear every single one is, in my opinion, pointless. The key to having a successful style is knowing what colors and cuts look good on you and choosing the trends that fit your personality, mood and lifestyle. In other words, adapting the trends to your own style and not the other way around. And while I never even wanted to give a chance to couple of this year's fashion trends (birkenstocks, mules, novelty bags, to name just a few), there were many I happily embraced. And those I am sharing today in the second part of my 2014 favorites (check out the previous one with my lifestyle favorites here).

1. Delicate jewellery: It was all about the jewellery that is so subtle and almost unnoticeable: small stud earrings, dainty necklaces and knuckle rings, whether worn alone or stacked and mixed up. I could hardly let go of my favorite gold ring stack (seen here).

2. Crop Tops: If you hadn't been doing the crunches before then you have probably started this year, because the 2014 was the year of the midriff. The signature piece of the 90's fashion has become a red carpet, runway and street style staple; but made a comeback in a more sophisticated way. I did not take my favorite black crop top off entire summer (seen here) and could not a resist a long sleeved striped one either (seen here).

3. Distressed denim: Anything from a couple of shreds and slits to the large cuts that exposed whole knees or section of legs. Combine it with the "boyfriend" cut and you get one of the trendiest and the most nonchalant looks of 2014. I was so obsessed with my pair of distressed boyfriend jeans that I was thinking of renaming my blog "Boyfriend Jeans And Roses". Just kidding. See some of my looks here and here.

4. Waist wrap: Another trend from the 90's revived. This year the waist wrap was just about everything from plaid to denim, to leather jackets and bombers, and proved to be a great accessory. You could let it blend it or use it as pop of color or statement piece to a simple and monochrome outfit. See me wearing it here.

5. Sneakers: If for nothing else, 2014 will be remembered as the year when trading your high heels for a pair of sneakers was not only allowed but actually very fashionable. Sneakers were just one of the side effects of the fashion industry's infatuation with all things sporty and athletic, and their attempt to push clothing and accessories meant for wearing while working and going out.

6. Cut-Out Detail: Baring a little extra skin was more than welcome, and dresses with some cut out details were a perfect way to do so. I could not pass this trend in my favorite summer dress here.

7. Pencil skirts: If you searched for a feminine, chic and elegant skirt then you probably have not looked further from pencil skirts, because these flatter every frame and shape. And besides being an officewear staple, they became an essential piece of streetwear too. I loved wearing it in summer (here) as well as in winter (here).

8. Jumpsuits: The little black jumpsuit was the new little black dress. There was no need to think about matching separates and colors, adding your favorite accessories is all the effort you needed. And all these little details such as V-necks, cap sleeves, cutouts, lace or mesh inserts, or pockets, have made a jumpsuit everything but the plain and boring one-piece.  

9. Kimonos: You did not have to had a hippie or boho vibe in you to love this perfect mix between a shawl and a drop-shoulder cardigan. In different prints, styles and materials, kimono was a stylish lightweight layer to wear with jeans, shorts and dresses. See me wearing it here.

10. Plaid: A classic pattern have been slightly updated for the fall of 2014, and can now be found in just about everything, from coats and skirt, to accessories such as scarves, shoes and even handbags.

11. Blanket scarves/capes: Was it scarf worn as blanket or a blanket worn as scarf - it doesn't really matter. What matters is that this cozy blanket-like garment has been taking over the streetstyle ever since SJP and Olivia Palermo wore the now-infamous multicolored Blueberry ones. You could have had it in plaid or tribal print, stripes, or a solid color, and balanced it out with the rest of the outfit. I recently wore my new poncho and you can see how by clicking here.

12. Leather: Whether faux or real, black leather garments are a perfect alternative to your basic black clothing, and one of these pieces that instantly give a modern and edgy vibe to almost any outfit. While the black leather jacket will always be our favorite go-to piece, there are always some new possibilities on how to wear leather. My favorite form was the faux leather leggings, and you can see me wearing them here, here and here.

13. Camel coat: If you bought only one coat this season, it probably was camel - a long and a bit oversized, able to cover up any outfit in the most effortlessly chic way. There is just something about this color that makes everything look more expensive. You could have recently seen me wearing mine here.

At the end, what are your most favorite and least favorite fashion trends of 2014?
Cannot wait to read your thoughts in the comments below!


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